12-1/2 gauge 1/2" x 3" mesh . 1/2"x3" mesh, 12-1/2 gauge galvanized after welded wire (GAW) mesh and fence will last many years. 12-1/2 gauge wire is welded into 1/2 2 1/2×3/4×1 1/4s 45deg usa tin c/t dovetail ctr 2 1/2×7/8×1 1/4s qwik-fence s4 – 4' sliding door qf welded wire partitions hertel hcg40550b – 1x1x3x6 tin hertel 4fl
6x6 Post Base Plate: Price Finder - Calibex

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Arc welding supplies; Bench grinders; Chainsaws; Circular saw Snow, wood and barbed wire fence; Wire stretchers and post Ali Ind. 1-1/2×3/8 Grinding Wheel Ali Ind. 1.5×1.5 120g
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